Weiner Day

I know, I know…it’s not Wednesday and I’ve been gone for awile…ummm, it’s going to take me some time to get the hang of the daily ritual thing….can I tell you I’ve had 2 weiner moments and can’t decide which to share…..actually, I think the one might be ‘oldtimer’s’ disease….puts me in a pickle every time (deli—pickle, get it??)

Right now I’m in Orlando, Florida…as the folks on Southwest airlines put it, “the house of the mouse” and this is the first time I’ve been here for FUN…yes, FUN damn it! I’ve been in Orlando twice before, but that was for professional conferences. So I am here to have fun….step one…visit GATORLAND (ummm. I’d link you to Gatorland if I knew how to do it….help Lilacspecs!)

Oh, I should tell you that I am here in wonder world with my dad, who is an incredibly youthful 83 years old but working on only 11/2 lungs as he lost a chunk of his left lung to a very nasty cancer two years ago (he is still here and that is a very GOOD thing)….geez, I keep digressing….

So, daddy and I (with my younger sister) went to visit Gatorland. A very cool place to see some of the biggest honkin alligators and crocodiles you’d ever want to have a close encounter with (I am from Pittsburgh…I am ALLOWED to end my sentences with a preposition—so there!)  We started off watching the Alligator Wrestling show…OY….all I could think about (aside from how I might add alligator meat to my deli features-ewwwww, yes, tastes like chicken) was how barbaric the scene was…poor little  8 footer had his mouth taped shut so a bunch of ‘kids’ (read that as macho white people, erm, adults to toddlers) could sit on his back, hold up his mouth and get their PICTURE taken…can you say ANIMAL CRUELTY???  Oh, yes, there was the part later where the guy did show us how to proprerly handle an alligator…like NOT AT ALL!

Anyhow, we began to walk the rest of the park…daddy likes to walk and actually walks at a Bally gym 3 times a week…dude is in better shape than me! So, we’re walking and stoppping to look at various reptiles and walking and stopping and walking and reading and walking….and I think you get the idea. Did I mention it was about 86 degrees and humid?  Hard on the lungs. So, Hotmamamia here suggested that we take the cute little train back to the entrance….give daddy and his lung a break.

Here comes the WEINER moment.  We go to the train station at the back of the park and sit a tad to wait for the train….all the while there are lovely misting fans keeping us cooler…here comes the train…we climb on board all smiling cause we are so smart to figure this out…the train starts and we listen to the tour dude telling us some interesting (really were) facts about Gatorland. So we get to what I figured was the first stop. The engineer announces that this is an ‘exit only’ stop. My sister lookat me expectantly and I said, “No, not here…this isn’t it; there is another stop near the entrance of the park.”  Engineer says–last call–and off he goes…


Uh-oh….I think as I see the familiar surroundings come into view…I gaze sideways at my sister (who LOVES me and IDOLIZES me) and she is smirking and nodding her head and I can see her brain saying–NIMROD–yes her brain was screaming—NIMROD…daddy was actually laughing out loud…

Did I mention that I am the one in the family that has an EXCELLENT sense of direction??

So, as we pulled into the train station I nonchalantly ask, “Anyone up for a little walk?”  Sure, ya big weiner!

Tomorrow, that would actually be today, is EPCOT CENTER…woohoo…maybe I’ll learn to link by the next post…like the sausages at the deli…..




3 Responses to “Weiner Day”

  1. 1 DD
    April 13, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    You are such an adventurer-Yoy

  2. April 13, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Heh, nice mum. I can teach you how to use hyperlinks…next time we skype maybe.

  3. 3 NJY
    April 14, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    GATORLAND!!! LOL. Been there several times with Ty. It is one of his fav places to go. Oh, and before you ask. Yes, he has had his picture taken sittin’ on the live gator, even has a shirt with the picture on it. Did you get to see them feed the gators with the meat on the stick?

    Next time just stay on the train, it goes back to the othe stop again. 🙂

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