This is fun?

OK, so today was filled with all kinds of fun activities…NOT.

Woke up and it was overcast….that’s OK…I’ll allow Florida one day of overcast while I’m visiting, but it was chilly too! Bad, bad Florida! 🙂

Anyhow, we got up and decided to go visit a place called Leu Garden. Remember that Colonial Road I talked about yesterday?? Well, we went THAT way, again!  This time we were heading in the right direction, however, as we got closer to the garden, it started to ‘spit’ (that’s Pittsburghese for a light drizzling rain) OK, we can wait it out, sooooo, we pull into the parking area and turn off the engine and wait. And wait. And wait. And it rained harder, and harder, and harder. 

Yes, we had umbrellas, but, NO, I am not so one with nature that I wish to pay $7 to walk in the rain and look at someone else’s cultivation wonders. Sooooo, turn the engine on and head back toward Sam’s Club to get some good hotdogs to go with our chili for dinner.

I don’t think I mentioned that dad had a bad cough, has had it for a couple weeks. My sister and I convinced him to take some expectorant style cough medicine to get some of that nasty stuff out and OY, it was coming out in technicolor…not a good thing.

Anyway, there is a new “miniER” that opened right down the street from my sis’s house and we decided it might be prudent to take him there to get the chest checked…like I said in a previous post, he is working on 1 1/2 lung. So, we leave Sam’s and head to the miniER…In we go, beautiful new facility, nice doctors and PAs, they do an xray and come back worried about……

not an infection

not bronchitis

not pneumonia

but, congestive heart failure!

My sister looked at me, I stared at her and we both looked at my dad, like, what the hell is that????  Well, it seems that my dad’s physician at the local Veteran’s hospital where he goes for his check ups HAD mentioned to him that he was starting to have a touch of congestive heart failure and he (daddy) just kind of wanted to IGNORE IT…I don’t think so…so, they took a blood test for a special new nifty machine that can tell you within 12 minutes what the degree of congestive heart failure might be, ie. are you at the GET YOUR ASS TO A HOSPITAL stage or, we can putter around a tad until you go home to Pittsburgh stage.

But, it was a brand new machine and had to be calibrated, soooo, they sent us home to await a call to learn the outcome.

Chili sits real well on a stomach when you’re waiting for that kind of news…so, we ate dinner and waited for the call; and waited; and waited and FINALLY, they call.

Dr:    Um, we have a little problem and have to run the test again in the morning.

Sis:   What kind of problem?

Dr:    Well, um, we’re still trying to get the machine to calibrate. It keeps giving us the message that it needs to be calibrated and we keep trying and it won’t seem to calibrate.

Sis:    Uh-huh. So what about a prescription? Oh, you tried to call it in but the pharmacy was already closed. Uh-huh, so what do you want to do? Oh, you’ll call it in to another pharmacy tomorrow. What is it? Oh, an antibiotic…OK, that’s for the infection.  And tomorrow? More blood? Oh, the blood you took today won’t be fresh? Ummmm, you will guarantee that we WILL be in and out of there within 10 minutes because we have other things to do tomorrow…right?  RIGHT. See you at 10AM tomorrow.

So, we all get to go to sleep tonite (HA!) in anticipation of the nifty machine working properly tomorrow to let us know if daddy should be heading back to Pittsburgh to a hospital or staying pat.

He’s a big believer in “whatever is meant to be, will be”.  So with that in mind, we go to EPCOT tomorrow and figure the nifty little machine can work its own way out of its own pickle jar!


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