Countdown to Belgium T – 143 days

If you don’t already know, I am Lilacspecs mom and as difficult as it has been for her to learn Dutch as an expat in Gent….it has been twice as hard for me to not have my daughter around and easily accessible.

Ah….helicopter parent you are thinking….au contraire….when Specs decided to go to the same University where I teach, I made a point of not getting in her way. If she wanted to see me, she could, any time, but I wasn’t going to be in her space at all. I think she can verify that I did a fairly decent job at that!

When she graduated and came back to the ‘Burgh and decided that she wanted her own place…OK, go for it kiddo, and I stayed out of her space.

The thing is, she was always accessible. If I just wanted to see her face, I could. If I just wanted to pat her on her curly head, I could, If I needed a word of advice or a shoulder to cry on, it was there. (As you all know from her extraordinary writing, she is rather a good listener and a really good advisor too.)

But, since December 25, she has been inaccessible. Granted she and CB came back to Pittsburgh to visit for 10 WONDERFUL days in March, but, my oh my did those days fly by. We do talk every single week (I have to kiss the inventor of SKYPE someday), and we do use the eyeball camera…but it’s not the same. The scent, the other sounds…just not the same.

SO, today I start my official COUNTDOWN TO BELGIUM. DD, Bouncin Baby Boy, and I are going to Gent on November 20 for 10 fantastic days. I get to celebrate my birthday with my WHOLE family (that means CB and his mom and dad and sister/hubby and their kids) and I get to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for everyone too. But most of all, I get to hold Specs again.


143 days to go…


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