T minus 132 and my bags are packed, almost

My days in the Big Easy are numbered. My students will teach their lessons tomorrow; I’ll take my buddy Kate to dinner for her birthday; We’ll celebrate Friday the 13th; Then I’ll pack and head home Saturday morning.

It always amazes me how quickly times flies. I do understand how relative to age this statement is, but I just can’t get over how true that relativity is!

In a really short amount of time, I’ve developed a wonderful relationship with 8 lovely southern ladies..even one who told me how “dirty Pittsburgh is” within the first 10 minutes of meeting me and that she “is a Red Wings fan”…jeez, that was almost enough for me to fail her in the class from the very first day!

But, no….I try really hard to walk the walk, not just talk the talk…and all ‘my kids’ did very well in this very intensive class ( 5 days, 7 hours per day)…I always get rejuvenated when I teach and this class was no exception.

The neat thing is that I will be able to continue our new relationship in the fall semester since I have been asked to teach a speech class to this group in a synchronous online class. So, with this very cool technology called “Marratech” I will sit at my computer at home (maybe in my jammies) and see all of these lovely ladies on my screen at the same time while they are in their homes and schools all over the state of Louisiana. I look forward to our next adventure!

So, I’ll be heading home to a packed week of activities…Sunday is Father’s Day (and finally a day I can talk to Lilacspecs), Monday is Samson and Delila’s Vet day (next set of shots), Tuesday is two doctor appointments, Wednesday a date with the orthopedic surgeon for my torn meniscus, Thursday more doctor appointments, Friday some altruistic for me time with a manicure and pedicure, and Saturday- a wedding.

And, of course, I continue my countdown to Belgium…T – 132 and anxiously counting.


2 Responses to “T minus 132 and my bags are packed, almost”

  1. 1 judie
    June 13, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    wow, time has surely flown by and I can’t wait to talk to you! korie sounds like she is having a tough time, but I am sure it will pass…soon! carrie was very insightful and I am VERY proud of our girls!!! have a safe flight and I will talk to u next week, xo

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