Dancing Queens

Just got back from an interesting wedding! First let me say it was a LOVELY wedding…..the bride was the daughter of on old neighbor…and she just looked gorgeous (as most brides do…really radiant!) Her groom is an interesting looking young man…they are a perfect couple….

So, this wedding ceremony was held at the chapel of Duquesne University a pretty nice campus for an inner city University. Not real handicap accessible (not that I’m handicapped but THE KNEE is starting to hurt again). The priest was HYSTERICAL. If that’s not an oxymoron, I don’t know what is…anyway, this was a particulary *hip* priest who was cracking jokes throughout the service.

Got through the crackers and juice phase of the service and we are released to head to the reception. Here is where the real fun begins…it was held on one of the Gateway Clipper Fleet of boats we have here in the Burgh.

Remember folks, this is PITTSBURGH, down home proud, a real people’s town…not Miami or New York, or Hyannis….
Our proud fleet is made of amazing BARGES..honest…check out the website!
Anyhow, our EMPRESS opened up for passengers at 12:30, and people hit the bar. The bride arrived at 1:30 (loads of pictures taken in the chapel) as people hit the bar. We began our party heading down the Monongahela River (and people hit the bar)….do you see a pattern emerging?
Well, 4 1/2 hours later, after cruising all three of Pittsburgh’s FANTASTIC RIVERS (Allegheny and Ohio along with the Mon), it was safe to say that there were quite a few people who had hit the bar often…and that is where the Dancing Queens come in….NOT ME…damn knee….but the bride’s family and the funky priest! The brides female family members LOVED dancing…ALL kinds of dancing (good thing there wasn’t a pole in the middle of the dance floor)…great ladies, all shapes, sizes and ages…boo-tie was a-shakin on the ‘ship’!
And the good father….holy shit (pun intended)….dude was like John Travolta…collar came off (no kidding), gold jewelry flashed on his nicely tanned skin (NOT KIDDING) and he was close to doing lap dances with the ladies! I mean, he was in the middle of all these ladies just dancin away the afternoon…I don’t need to tell you that cameras were clicking like wildfire…..
When we docked, he was the last to leave the dancefloor….gosh….what a fun and entertaining wedding….great way to spend a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in the Burgh…

Wish I could see HIS homily at tomorrow morning’s mass (pretty good for a Jewish kid…huh!?!) I can see it now, “Why God stays at the YMCA”….probably hit the bar too!







1 Response to “Dancing Queens”

  1. 1 Carrie
    June 23, 2008 at 9:24 am

    oh geez, i hope my wedding is half that fun!

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