Report from Frisco

I told you, this is a friggin sickness…this blog thing!

So far, the surprises for Aunt Sarah have been so heartwarming and wonderful. She was sitting at her granddaughter’s house when we got there and had NO IDEA that anyone was coming to visit her.

So in we walk, her sister Anne (my mother-in-law), me and Eddie. The look on her face was the best Kodak moment I have ever seen. She and Anne hugged (they haven’t seen each other for at least 5 years if not more) and they started to cry. Well, I started to cry and Caren (the party giver granddaughter) started to cry and Robbie (her son) started to sniffle and Eddie sniffled….it was so wonderful seeing that because we were all very, very aware that this would likely be the last time they would see each other again….how much does THAT IDEA hurt your heart???!!!!  With us in Pittsburgh and Sarah in Frisco, one aged 85 and the other 90…the writing is on the wall….

This makes every single moment quite poignant…

So, then later that night (Wednesday) after she figured this was it, her nephew Paul and his son Andrew, wife Tara and greatniece Brynn walk in…she almost fell on the floor….could NOT believe that we were all there.

Pause the arrivals….yesterday nobody new came.  Today, Francine, Paul’s wife is coming in from North Carolina (another trip that she was on…she is taking the weekend to come to Frisco and then has to head right back to North Carolina) and cousins Elaine and Bill (coming from South Carolina) and Susie and her beau (coming from Illinois). All will be there for dinner tonight and Aunt Sarah will about have a cow when she sees everyone.

Tomorrow is her actual dinner party…my dad is arriving in the morning from Reno (I sent him there right after we got off the plane in Frisco so he could visit my brother who is turning 50 today…HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!!!) and the rest of the surprise family guests will all be there Saturday night. 

I am so glad I brought extra batteries and memory cards for my camera because this is really a once in a lifetime thing happening here….ahhhhhhh, family!

The next report will come sometime next week.  I’m taking pictures galore of California and the party and will share, share, share when I get back to the ‘Burgh.

Cowabunga baby!


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