We Were Soldiers…….???

Tonite DD and I watched the movie: We Were Soldiers and it got me thinking about war movies.

I don’t get it. I don’t get why the leaders of the various countries don’t get how useless and vile war is for ALL sides.

I understand the job of being a soldier, I really do. I give a ton of credit to those extraordinarily brave men and women who CHOOSE to knowingly put their lives on the line…they honestly believe that they are in the position to save their country from whatever evil is out there. They truly believe they have a JOB TO DO. They are being trained in the job of killing. I mean, that is what a soldier is trained to do…kill. If soldiers do it well, they are heros. If they don’t, they are dead.

What good is a dead anything? Even a dead hero…what a waste of a good life!

We (and I mean all countries and their war-mongering leaders) glorify war. We Were Soldiers; Private Ryan; Das Boot; The Bridge on the River Kwai; Apocolypse Now; Hotel Rwanda; Full Metal Jacket…the list goes on…just Google “war movies” and you’ll get an endless list of them. Even when the movie shows the awful side of war, it still glorifies the process. Military Science du jour… (I can think of about a gazillion better applications of science!)

I understand that war is all about control…political, religious, energy, territory.

I also understand and believe that THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY to solve our world’s problems; work it out boys and girls…what do we teach children in preschool?? USE YOUR WORDS [not your fists]!

I can’t understand why world leaders won’t buy into that and save the hundreds of thousands of lives that are needlessly lost. Iraqi lives, Israeli lives, Palestinian lives, Pakistani lives, Zulu lives, Congolese lives, American lives, etc.

Is Neanderthal-like bravado really what we as humans are all about? Is it an ego-thing?

I don’t get it; and I kinda wish the rest of the world, educated and uneducated alike would feel the same way. Maybe then we will find a humanesque alternative to our disagreements. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

I can wish and dream.


1 Response to “We Were Soldiers…….???”

  1. July 19, 2008 at 7:19 am

    The people in charge are the people with money and the people with money are the people wth power and the people with power don’t like to share it because then it’s not the “power” they want because it doesn’t fully belong to them. So I guess that means as long as we have 90% of the men on this planet (oh and Condi) then we’ll be plagued by war, despotism, genocide and all the other frilly pretty things that the male ego produces when it is glutted with power and money (and Condi).

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