I am MAD at …I don’t know…is there a God?

There is NO GOD…at least not in the sense that I think most people who believe in a God think….I like George Carlin’s version of God—-he prayed to Joe Pesci!

Why do I feel this way?  Well, let’s see, let me count the ways….

1)     Cancer…. what could a little baby could have possibly done to get cancer … some religious folk believe that cancer is your just reward for not being a God-fearing (what a fucking oxymoron that is! aren’t people supposed to LOVE God?)  person…didn’t go to church, or whatever your place of worship might be, enough…used the name IN VAIN (GASP!)… punish that bad mommy who smoked or drank while pregnant

2)     Mental Illness …oh yes, people definitely CHOOSE to become severely depressed or agoraphobic or bi-polar…no, wait, it is genetic…riiiiiight…so people are made that way…um, was God a bit schizoid then since “we are made in HIS image”

3)     Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Sun poisoning…I know, just a joke, just a little wake-up call from up above

4)     Birth defects…we’re back at the punishment thing…didn’t pray long enough, hard enough; drank too much; didn’t give enough coin in the collection basket…but why take it out on the baby???

I know, I know….God is supposed to represent hope and faith in something and all that bullshit.  This God thing does absolutely NOTHING for you…you do it all for yourself…as it should be…

You take care of a sick person because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO…

You go to school and learn how to do something so that you can earn some money to take care of yourself and others becasue IT IS THE INTELLIGENT THING TO DO

You look around you and see something wrong (like the little ozone/icecap problem the world is having) and YOU CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR because you CARE ABOUT THE ENVIORNMENT

Why do people with one tiny iota of intelligence do any of this? NOT BECAUSE GOD told them too (although it is written in Jewish law and all the good Christians out there certainly KNOW that the Jewish people came FIRST…their boy came around a lot later and he was Jewish after all)..the Bible tells people to do it…Ummmm,

PEOPLE, that handy little book was written BY PEOPLE and PEOPLE TELL STORIES…some people tell better stories than others….hey, look at the Mormons…

God is a fabrication. Made. Up. By good story tellers.

God hasn’t been good to you….YOU have been good to you and NATURE has been good to you…

Thank yourself and NATURE for not having cancer.

Thank yourself for finding the strength to deal with those little jokes (I think insurance companies call them Acts of God)

Thank yourself and your friends and family for being around to support you

Thank NATURE for healing itself….if it depended on people, it would’ve disappeared a long time ago (although it is having a hard time healing itself now…but that is becasue of all the God fearing people around)

What brought this on?

I am pissed off and terribly saddened by the looming death of a very kind and wonderful student of mine who is only about 30 years old.  This incredibly talented, cheerful, loving, honest, God believing person had fought more than a good fight…she has fought with every ounce of her being, she has prayed to God to give her strength and hope and a long remission…it has fallen on deaf ears…ironic, since she is a teacher of the deaf.  I am angry that NATURE has handed this amazing young woman a very lousy hand and GOD has really done nothing to ease her pain, her mental and physical burdens…doctors have tried to do that and frankly, in my opinion, have not done it too well…it is sad that this world will lose this fine woman too soon.

Nope, there is no God.

122 Days to Specs and Cabanaland


1 Response to “I am MAD at …I don’t know…is there a God?”

  1. July 21, 2008 at 6:00 am

    not quite sure what to tell you here Mum, except welcome to the atheist club maybe? Take a look at Buddhism…I feel that it’s a way to find some source of spirituality but without the god nonsense.

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