Critter Cavalcade

118 days til Specs and Cabanaland

What to write about today… how about the kitties? I haven’t talked about them for awhile! Let’s see…the latest…

They are just over 4 months old now and getting bigger by the day.

Samson is such a ‘man’…walks around all day with his nose up Delila’s woohoo…I mean, the little kittay can’t quite get it up yet, I’m pretty sure, but he sure knows to go where the action is…

Delila just walks away…fine woman!

Delila, on the other hand, has learned how to flush the toilet. I shit you not…yesterday, she went into the bathroom and pushed down on the lever and flushed the toilet!  Mind you, there was no pee or poo in there, but hey…maybe I can get her to do it in the toilet instead of the kitty litter. Then I only have 5 pounds of excrement to toss daily instead of 10…Samson will NEVER do it!

Delila is also watching me turn the water in the bathroom sink on and off…I predict that will happen very soon.

But, let me not forget to tell you about my master hunter…Samson. While I cleaned our other pet’s tank (Frogila, an african water frog that is 21 years old), I had the little guy in a SEALED plastic container. Ol Samson took on stealth mode—stalked Frogila—pawed at Frogila—tried to bite the lid off the container to play with Frogila—probably scared the next 5 years off Frogila’s life…and now, he watches Frogila intently from the foot of the tank…I can see his little wheels working…”if I get on top and stick my paw in when the thing is coming up to eat or breathe, maybe I can play whack a frog”…

Frogila 21 yrs and ?

Frogila 21 yrs and ?

Samson's attack post

Samson's attack post

Delila has decided that Samson has a good thing going when he meows like a madman when he wakes up and has begun to follow suit…big difference though…mew, mew, mew vs. M-E-O-W, M-E-O-W, M-E-O-W! But, she gets the same result..a bit of extra luvin.

But, Samson can’t shut up…the little dude actually TALKS. Had we known, we probably would have named him ‘Mumbles’…honestly, he walks up and down the steps mumbling (sounds like–brbrbrbrbrbrbrrrrrr); when he plays with a toy, when he jumps from a height (that one is more like—buhhhhh), he loves to ‘talk’…

They are actually getting so big that I almost can’t fit them in the same carrier anymore…when it’s time for their ‘fixing’ in September, they will definitely have to have his and hers ‘carriages’.

It’ so hard watching your children grow up…

Delila says "YOU are interrupting me, THANK YOU very much!"

Delila says "YOU are interrupting me, THANK YOU very much!"

Samson says "Brbrbrbrbrrrr...bring it on!"

Samson says "Brbrbrbrbrrrr...bring it on!"

The joys….ahhhhh.


2 Responses to “Critter Cavalcade”

  1. 1 judie
    July 24, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    I can’t wait to hear how you are going to explain the “birds and bees” to them haha

  2. July 25, 2008 at 8:58 am

    Should make for a fun visit in April.

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