I will not blog, I will not blog

I will not blog for the next two weeks. Wednesday I am heading to Virginia Beach for some REAL honest to goodness R & R…sun and sand, PERIOD.

I got all my classes done for IUP…syllabi done, assignments done, lectures 99% done, WebCT compnents done, sent out reminder emails to my students to be prepared the first day of class to select student teaching sites, IUP is FINITO for the fall semester….

UNO is still a work in progress, although the syllabus is DONE, field experiences and scoring rubric are DONE, the first four class sessions (online materials) done….so that is in rather good shape as well.

Thanks to Jen I scrambled around to locate some beach-reading materials…nothing heavy-BLECH—Marley and Me, a couple Clive Cussler reads (thanks to my son), and a Dan Brown lightweight too. I love to sit in the sand, book in hand and just fall asleep reading with the ocean in the background…that, my friends, is HEAVEN.

So, even though I will have my laptop and will get online to check with Lilacspecs once in a while, I WILL NOT BLOG.

Be back around August 12….enjoy yourselves!

Oh, 115 days to Specs and Cabanaland.


1 Response to “I will not blog, I will not blog”

  1. July 29, 2008 at 5:33 am

    Wow, a beach in the summer…I wish we had thought of that. Maybe one summer we can come to VA with you.

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