100 Things Post or Things You May or May Not Want to Know About Me!

WOOHOO…today is the day! I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing I think. So, one rite of passage is the 100 things you don’t know about me entry…here you go….this should get me some fans *smirk*…

1. My middle name is Susan

2. I use my middle name when I want to be anonymous

3. I have a Ph.D. and it took me 8 years and 2 babies to get it

4. I work at a University; not all it’s chalked up to be!

5. I have learned that Ph.D. really does mean Piled Higher and Deeper

6. I use the title ‘Dr.’ when I want a good table at a restaurant

7. Or when I feel like I need some ‘f-ing’ respect

8. I did the deed in the middle of a city park in the middle of a sunny afternoon

9. Dude was a HOT HOT HOT blend of creole and cherokee and knew how to ride (a horse you nasty people!)

10. I inhaled, often

11. I was a young hippie flower child, beads and all

12. I went to the first ‘love-in’ in Pittsburgh

13. I used to cut school and go drinking with my friends (Annie Green Springs or Boones Farm Apple-CLASSIC!)

14. I went to Monroeville Mall the day it was predicted it would collapse..wanted to be where the action was

15. I was the Mascot for Duquesne University for one basketball season

16. I got stoned (literally, stoned with stones) while a mascot for Duquesne University (in the city of brotherly love no less)

17. my BBFL and I used to go buy a pint of french fried gizzards when we got high in college…yummmm!

18. I’m a friendly person but sometimes prefer to stand back and watch

19. I get frustrated with myself for not choosing to live a healthy life style

20. I think that ties-in with the lifelong depression that I deal with

21. I didn’t know that I had a lifelong depression until I almost acted on a suicidal thought…but my BBFL saved me from myself

22. Funny how ‘back then’ kids couldn’t be depressed…I was

23. DBT therapy does work…I’m proof

24. Eating is a sport for me…hrmph–I am going to seriously try to get back to my pre-mommy weight

25. I am going to lose 80 pounds…can’t imagine the number in kilo, stone, whatever

26. I LOVE to read

27. I LOVE to sleep

28. I LOVE to be out and about (so why the hell am I sitting at a computer?)

29. I LOVE to travel…see the world…

30. I’d rather see the world than the 50 states in the US

31. My favorite country so far is Australia…I’d move in a heartbeat

32. The most daring thing I’ve done is SKYDIVING

33. The dumbest thing I’ve done is get a virus you can’t get rid of (not HIV)

34. The smartest thing I did was marry my hubby

35. The most challenging thing I did was to stay married this long…it is hard work and worth it

36. The second most challenging this is writing this blog entry….damn, 100 things is hard!

37. I can sleep in any position at any time

38. I fell asleep with the shower on laying on the floor reading a book with my feet propped against the bathroom door…my parents were not amused

39. I fell asleep standing up in the shower in my dorm room when I was an RA (slept like that for about an hour…water running and all)

40. I fell asleep with MY EYES WIDE OPEN during a summer program I attended at Northwesern University in 10th grade….my roommates WERE NOT AMUSED!

41. I fell asleep while doing the deed…..don’t need to tell you who was not amused

42. I fell asleep while driving home from school….I was not amused (love those rumble strips)

43. When I’m REALLY tired, I bite/chew on my hair

44. I took ballet lessons with my sister-in-law when I was about 30 years old…shoulda seen the gorgeous PURPLE leotard….I was the early BARNEY!!!!!

45. I still have the purple leotard!

46. I was a majorette in high school….a hippie majorette (got the image?!)

47. I got my nickname when a good friend in high school got very polluted and he said, “Hey, DUH-EEE”…jeez, it stuck!

48. I snuck out of my house after my dad went to bed and went with above said friend and two other good friends and drove around the city of Pittsburgh ALL NIGHT in a very cool convertible and was chased by the police, but we lost em…snuck back in just as dad’s alarm was going off

49. I snuck a guy up to my third floor ultra cool bedroom suite in my house (I was the oldest so I was SPECIAL) and hid him there for a day! Love slave he was……

50. I had a fling with a Metropolitan Opera singer…

51. I learned to love opera (not just the singers) when I worked for the Metropolitan Opera for three summers while I was in college

52. I am having a brain cramp from thinking of all these things to write down here and I’m only at 52

53. I was born at 4:44 AM

54. At least once a week I have to wake up to *tinkle* at 4:44 AM…I kid you not…

55. I have never used a Diva Cup… in fact, I couldn’t even make myself try an OB tampon

56. My mother had to help me the first time I used a tampon cause (I hope you are sitting down for this one)…I couldn’t find the hole

57. I was on TV twice…once in 1st grade when I was a Brownie and we went on the afternoon show on channel 11 with Captn Jim and the Nancy B and second in 11th grade when I was on the local teen dance show equivalent of American Bandstand ala Pittsburgh…

58. I was a total DORK both times

59. I was in a PBS special about outstanding college programs that use technology in their teaching…as the Director of one of those identified programs I got to tout IUP nationally

60. I was very COOL on that show!

61. I only know manually coded English (MCE), I don’t know ASL–NO SIgn Language is NOT a universal language!

62.I was in several high school musicals—singing and dancing; had a lead part in Bye-Bye Birdie

63. I got ‘A’s in Geometry…LOVED the drawing and the theorems

64. I took college Spanish with my son

65. We both got ‘A’s cause we were one helluva team and we rock!

66. I did that because my high school Spanish teachers SUCKED DONKEY BALLS

67. I did not have a particularly excellent time in high school

68. I have my mother’s toes and wrists, my grandma’s knees, and my grandpa’s nose

69. My best feature—my eyes; happy to say Lilac got my best feature!

70. I wear glasses and have since first grade; ummmm, she got that too.

71. I can’t wear contacts because I get corneal erosions

72. I’m too chicken to do lasik on my eyes…I’d be the 1 in 1 gazillion that would have halos and worse vision…nope, I’ll keep these babies the way they are

73. I’ve only had two real honest to goodness loves in my life…the first one lives in California and I found out is a retired Sheriff, the second is my hubby

74. I love to wear clogs

75. I have a tattoo; over my heart and I’m never afraid to show it

76. My hair color has been brown, blond, red and streaked

77. I like to blog late at night…I seem to think more creatively then

78. I have to make time for blogging now that I’m back to work

79. My sister and I like to go on cruises together

80. We chase each other (actually race to our cabin) on every cruise….split decision so far

81. I’ve had two C-sections…couldn’t fit a square peg in a round hole for Lilacspecs; Bouncin Baby Boy was planned; also had a miscarriage

82. I am right handed but taught myself how to write with my left hand cause I thought it would be cool

83. I should have been born in the South…I ADORE grits, southern fried anything with sausage gravy, andouille sausage, and Muffalettas give me chills

84. My OB-Gynie once warned me about becoming anorexic—fat chance!

85. Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby is my most favoritist icecream in the entire universe; I can eat a quart in one seating

86. Um, that is why I need to lose 80 pounds……

87. I also adore triffles (I think that is how you spell it)–layers of cake-fruit-pudding-whipped cream—like a desert lasagna!!

88. I used to be a terrible nail biter…made my cuticles bleed

89. Now I get a weekly manicure and that takes care of the problem ( I am so cheap that I won’t waste the money I spent on the manicure by chewing on my fingers—warped, I know)

90. I always wanted to be a twin or have twins… 0 for 2 on that one

91. I actually feel like I found my twin at a professional conference several years ago…we discovered each other strictly by accident and found out that we were so much alike that we wrote a book together (long distance via email attachments and two weekend write-a-thons)…I love my Lizzie

92. I LOVE rollercoasters and will stand in line for hours to ride one

93. I get pukey sick on any kind of swing-style ride

94. I am now so friggin old I have to take dramamine when I go to an amusement park…I take a bottle with me…got to ride those rides!

95. I am unbelieveably anal about things….not quite OCD, but close

96. How anal you ask? I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting until my 100th actual post to write this list….I started working on it at the 51st posting…yep, anal!

97. I love waterplay…that translates into washing the dishes (oh, fun)…sex in a hottub (OH, FUN)…playing on a slipnslide (not as much fun now that I am old and might break something)

98. Actors I think are sexy…Yul Brynner; Dean Cain; Sean Connery; Antonio Banderas; Cuba Gooding, Jr.; Eric Close; Mark Harmon; Chow Yun-Fat; Johnnie Depp; (I used to want to be the love-slave of Harrison Ford, but he has not aged well…:P )

99. I was a registered Republican my whole life but changed to Democrat in order to vote for Hillary in the PA primary…why was I Republican? Cause I was an ass when I was younger and figured I could be a voice of reason in the party—-WRONG!!!

100. I am extremely grateful to those of you who took the time to read through this entire list…I hope you come back to visit again!


4 Responses to “100 Things Post or Things You May or May Not Want to Know About Me!”

  1. September 25, 2008 at 2:06 am

    And I again I ask why you wanted to send me to rehab for finding pot in my bedroom drawer senior year??

  2. September 26, 2008 at 7:49 am

    WOO HOO! 100! Very cool…. I’ve been blogging over a year and STILL haven’t done a 100 list.. this is BIG!

  3. September 29, 2008 at 3:20 am

    Congratulations on your 100!

  4. September 30, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Great 100 post! I’d love if you posted more about the DBT therapy – I don’t know what that is.

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