Michelle Obama Rocks the House

Last night I went to my local Obama rally for Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and sat around with about 200 folks learning how we can get the people out on election day. One thing they encouraged was to volunteer more to make calls, hang door hangers, offer to drive to the polls, etc. So, I signed up for three shifts of making calls, indicated I would help with food to volunteers on election day, and that I would be willing to be a poll watcher at my local polling place. So, on the bottom of the volunteer form were tiny little raffle tickets. For each thing you selected, you wrote your name on one of the tickets.

The rally leaders put all of the little tickets into a big box (there must have been truly HUNDREDS of these little tickets because I know everyone there was volunteering to do tons of things. Just before the debate began they announced that they had 14 preferred seat tickets to Michelle Obama’s rally in Pittsburgh today. And they were going to be raffled off. So we all pulled up to the big screen TV to watch the debate and they start pulling tiny raffle tickets.

THE VERY FIRST TICKET PULLED WAS ME! I could NOT believe my ears! I was with my cousin and she screamed when they called my name! Well, let me tell you I was so shocked and freaked because I had a class today that was three hours long and there was no way I could get back to Pittsburgh for the rally and teach my class….what to do, what to do….what to do…….

Well….love my DBT…WISE MIND kicked in….I thought….
1)this was probably a once in a lifetime experience to see and hear the hopefully future 1st lady (emotion)
2)BUT, I had a responsibility to my students…this class is only taught once a week and last week was my holiday (reason)
3)I was picked FIRST…I mean FIRST out of all those hundreds of tiny tickets (emotion)
4)I can model responsibility and civic duty to my students (reason)

So, I drove up for my class at 8AM, told them what I had won (and they all freaked like I was meeting Obama himself) and they confirmed that my decision to teach half the instructional period was appropriate, given the circumstances.

A number of people were pulled from those of us who had preferred seats to sit on the stage with Michelle. No, I ended up to not be that lucky, BUT I sat about 10 rows back from the most AMAZINGLY POWERFUL and PASSIONATE speaker I have ever heard. This woman could be president! She spoke with candor, she spoke from the heart, she spoke with unbridled and unapologetic passion…she had us screaming for Obama…this was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before…and I felt I belonged there…it was absolutely the right thing.

I took video clips of her speech but they are too long for YouTube…it would not let me load and I couldn’t get it to load directly on here….grrrrr….if someone can tell me how to get these videos on here for YOU to hear, I would love it.

But I did take pictures too….here is our future First Lady….hail to the wife! She ROCKED the house in Pittsburgh.


5 weeks (35 days) to Specs and Cabanaland


1 Response to “Michelle Obama Rocks the House”

  1. October 17, 2008 at 2:55 am

    Squeeee! So. Cool.
    Glad you got to go and see history and have you tried putting the clips on vimeo?

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