Poison Ivy and I don’t mean the Uma Thurman kind

I should ‘ve known better. I am so unbelieveably sensitive to poison ivy. I just have to be in the vicinity and I get it. 


Well, last weekend the hubby decided (rightfully so) that all of the bushes and shrubs needed to be trimmed. I had only done a couple but they all really needed to be done. So he took the handy dandy trimmer. lopper, chainsaw, whatevah and did the trim.  And left all of the trimmings on the ground for me to clean up. Hey, fair dinkum (did I spell that right Kelley??)


So I got covered up (it was almost 90 degrees) cause I just knew that dreadful weed would be somewhere. I got covered up, wore long heavy jeans and garden gloves and went out picking up all the droppings. First from the front, then from the rear. I was sweating like a pig (do they sweat???) and I was REALLY careful NOT to touch my face or any other part of my body…


I thought I saw a stray ivy plant and was again, VERY CAREFUL to dig it out and put it in the bag (this little turd plant was growing in a mound of solid rocks…my neighbor keeps telling me that all it takes is a bird that shits out one lousy seed to get a plant started anywhere) and I proceeded to clean up, seal all the bags, stack em to wait for rubbish pick up and head into the house.


Now, being acutely aware of where I had been for the last 2-3 hours and the profuse amount of sweat that was covering me, I immediately went into the basement, took off the gloves with each hand making sure that my skin NEVER touched the outside of the gloves, then peeled off all of my soaking wet clothing til I was in my birthday suit and ran upstairs to take a shower before anything could possibly enter one of my pores.


I took a likewarm shower as they always recommend and really soaped up, making sure that every inch of me, including my head, was washed down well. Got out a fresh towel and patted myself down and was happy in the knowledge that I cleaned up the backyard and thwarted the IVY GODS.




By Wednesday I had a tiny tell tale blister on my right forearm. Then by Thursday  I had blisters all over my left forearm, on my bicep, on my stomach and under my boobs.  As of today, it is spreading over the rest of my arms, my legs, my neck, my scalp and I am HOPING that it stays off my face!  I have used that expensive Zanfel stuff but to no avail, it is spreading. I have used caladryl faithfully to dry it up and it is spreading.

Juicy New Blisters ;-)

Juicy New Blisters 😉

I will be calling my doctor or dermatologist tomorrow for a script for prednisone to hopefully stop it now, cause folks, I can tell you, once this crap gets in my system (as it is now) it is NOT a pretty thing….and I start back to school on Wednesday…should make for nice conversation at the lunch table!


I think DD may feel a tad guilty, cause he did leave the stuff for me to pick up and he knows that we have problems with poison ivy sometimes in the backyard….but hey, what is a Jewish mother without a bit of guilt…right?


Anyone interested in a lovely gardening job in Pittsburgh??


3 Responses to “Poison Ivy and I don’t mean the Uma Thurman kind”

  1. August 23, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    No! As you recall, I don’t get it as easily as you but when I get it it goes straight to my face. Oh and Limburger cheese does originally come from the Limburg area, although now it’s mostly produced in Germany see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limburger_cheese

  2. August 24, 2009 at 11:12 am

    What a BUMMER!!! Good luck.

  3. 3 DD
    August 25, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    If you remember,I also said we could leave the clippings on the ground,and they would eventually become mulch.

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