Where oh where has my little dog gone…oh where oh where can she be…

Not that I’m particularly doggy like or like it doggy like, but I am indeed referring to me…I haven’t even had the harumph to keep locating songs on YouTube dedicated to Specs and CB’s upcoming nuptuals or my retirement….so you KNOW how beat I am….

Our block classes are now over so I can dedicate my time to supervising my 29 practicum students….yep…29 of my angels are out there. One extremely positive thing, they are ALL doing well!  WAHOO…what a pleasure for me to walk into a classroom and watch poetry in motion. It is so much fun for me to watch these ‘kids’ applying everything we talked about in class. I just love being validated!

As for the retirement ‘thang’…we are down to  36 days 🙂


I have already started cleaning out my office and various working spaces.  It is almost embarrassing how many books I have and HAVE READ over the last 36 years. I easily have over $10,000 worth of reading materials…eaily and I read most of it…damn, I guess I am a tad knowledgeable about a few things!

I put 90% of these materials into boxes and am giving them away to our alumni who are returning to IUP this Saturday for a 30 year Reunion. I will post on that later. But, I could not fathom just tossing these precious materials without giving everyone a chance at taking whatever their heart’s desire.  Should be YouTube good…like BookZILLA or something—heehee.  Whatever they don’t take I am giving away to ANY STUDENT in Davis Hall who wants it.

My office will be clean and ready for the next occupant on May 21.  And that, too, will be another story.

45 days for Specs and CB…holy crap Batman, those 17 months sure flew by!


1 Response to “Where oh where has my little dog gone…oh where oh where can she be…”

  1. April 16, 2010 at 4:28 am

    Hopefully the volcanoes up here will mellow out and quit clogging up the airspace by then

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