Breaking up, is soooo very hard to do……

I absolutely never thought I would have this reaction…

I retire 13 days from today and I am becoming more and more emotional about it.

The last day of the semester was yesterday—Friday—and my students cried…I mean as I hugged each of them and their cooperating teachers, each of them gave me long tight hugs and cried. They said how much they would miss me, how important I was to them and to the Deaf Ed program, and they promised to keep in touch with me on Facebook…

And they cried…and so did I.

I cried as I drove up to IUP for a meeting with the person who will hopefully be voted in as my replacement…

I cried as I closed my door to my office to continue throwing ‘things’ out; I sat in my office chair and looked at the walls (not bare yet) and cried…I could NOT leave the office.

I’m sitting here crying RIGHT NOW as I write this…cause who would have ever thought how hard this would really be?!

Retiring is the right decision; I am ready…but, my heart is heavy right now.

Tomorrow is Commencement…which is actually defined as “the act or time of commencing; beginning; start.” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition—Yes, I am a dork, I still use THE BOOK!)

I am going to have one long last cry tomorrow…I already know that and simply can’t and won’t fight it…but, it is also my signal for a NEW BEGINNING…one of my favorite songs is “Closing Time” and the line that every ending is a new beginning……

Oh, and let us not forget that it is now 3 weeks til Specs and CB tie the knot!  Another new beginning   🙂


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