2000-2010 Decade from Hell

It’s funny how a relatively brief period of time can have so many highs and lows. I mean, in the grand scheme, 10 years is a spit in the bucket. My bucket, during that decade was full of spit, and loads of other things as well.

I don’t want to bore you with a play-by-play; instead, I will simply give an accounting of the time from a pro and con perspective…

Cons: (the big stuff)

  • my mother died of lung and metastatic bone cancer
  • my uncle (her brother) died of colon cancer
  • my aunt (her sister) died of lung cancer
  • we lost our house to a fire
  • my father suffered massive third degree burns on both of his hands from a kitchen fire and was found to have lung cancer when he was being evaluated for his skin grafting surgery…oh, he also had a blood clot in his heart (this was immediately after our fire)
    • and ALL of that happened between 2000-2005
  • I had two major depressions that required me to take a medical leave from my job and also had a place in my needing to resign from a very prestigious position at my University
  • I had shoulder surgery for a frozen shoulder and knee surgery for a torn meniscus I got in class doing jumping jacks!
  • my husband lost his job and was not able to find another one, ever

Pros: (the big stuff)

  • both of my children graduated from college with degrees and a future ahead of them
  • my dad survived and just celebrated his 91st birthday
  • I was promoted twice…to Associate Professor and then to full Professor
  • I was appointed the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence
  • my first text book was published
  • I was able to take my husband on the trip of his dreams to Hawaii, twice
  • I traveled the Mediterranean, Alaska, and my first trip to Australia and New Zealand
  • I was humbled to be the recipient of the most incredible generosity and kindness from our neighbors and the University community and so many strangers in response to our fire…the clothing and money that was collected in my family’s behalf had me in tears for days
  • I began intensive therapy and counseling in Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT), which changed my life, forever (more on that next posting)
  • I decided to retire
  • I survived in one mentally and physically intact piece

DBT was, and continues to be, the reason.


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