Toys R Us

This absolutely made me laugh….for nearly every kink type toy out there, one can go into a hardware store, game store, kitchen store, toy store, any store and find what my friends call….

are you ready?


They explained to me that one does not need to spend hundreds of dollars on many of the items used during play activities. I mean, there are lots of legitimate dealers who make and sell many of the ‘toys’ used. Again, if you don’t believe me, just Google it…you will be astounded!

I digress….You don’t need to spend big money if you have the slightest ability to think flexibly/creatively…all you need do is walk through the aisles of many stores and you will find very close facsimiles…the PERVERTIBLES, that cost so much less and, according to those who know, work just about equally well.

Many of the pervertibles are used for impact or sensory play type activities. Spanking, flogging, tickling, massaging, stroking, scratching, smacking, pinching can all be accomplished using everyday items. Can’t picture it? Let me help you…in the left column are the ‘official’ items, the right column has your everyday household items


And that is just the quick stuff I came up with for this post. There really is an unlimited number of products one can find to stimulate the senses.

To think, just a couple years ago I had literally NOT A CLUE about any of this…it has been a fun journey learning about the BDSM lifestyle and meeting the wonderful people who are a part of this seriously misunderstood group.

Next up….closing out this blog segment with some Final Thoughts


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