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Finally…a friendship question!

This has been an interesting series of posts….my intent was to educate, to help people understand a topic that is always maligned and is often misunderstood. Even using the term BDSM or kink is an anathema to many. I wanted my readers to learn something about a topic that is pretty foreign to most (including me), to learn that people who participate in BDSM activities aren’t sick, or the devil, or deranged, or out to get you. I wanted to kind of remind people that what they choose to do, with each other, in the privacy of their own lives is nobody’s business but theirs. If they choose to play in public, again, THEIR choice and not one that they should be hung out to dry over. As I said in the first post…kinksters are you and me and your relatives and your neighbors.

I hope I was able to share enough about the lifestyle that you did get that message. And, if you want to learn more, there are many LEGITIMATE places to go to┬álearn, where you won’t be embarrassed to meet people and ask questions. They won’t bite.

What I did NOT expect, was to lose friendships over posting these informational pieces. Yes, I made friends with a number of people in the kink community and to protect them from how horrible people can be, there was NEVER going to be a point where I was going to identify anyone…and I haven’t. My kink friends will forever remain anonymous to you…as it should be. I was surprised, however, to be unfriended by some people who took HUGE OFFENSE at the topic of my discussion. It is their right, of course, to decide that my friendship was no longer warranted, but, it saddened me that their judgementalism was the basis of the friendship loss. It’s one thing if I personally attack you and make you angry…but, to decide that discussing a topic like BDSM in the open is so horrible an offense…well then, I guess we really weren’t friends at all!

Many thanks to those of you who read and commented. It’s time to put this one to bed and move on to the next topic.


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