Wedding update

Not interested…buh-bye!

Let’s see, we are just about DONE!!! Specs and CB will be in Pittsburgh in 34 short days!

When they arrive, we will be really concentrating on getting the final decisons and finishing ah-HAs on everything.

First up is buying the gown at David’s Bridal and choosing the bridal party dresses. Specs picked her color and I am keeping that ot myself so we can surprise you with the pictures.

Next is meeting with the Bella photographer. CB and Specs will select their package and add any final details and then all I gotta do is pay for it and we are set.

Next is the food tasting at the Marriott. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that we don’t just get a tiny nibble but we sit down for a full course meal, tasting the various things they want to taste to decide on the meal for the event.  So, we get the royal treatment for almost 3 hours!

Then comes the flowers. I finally was able to get some idea of how much these puppies cost! All the sites I went to had pics but no prices, UNTIL I hit on this site. Specs and I spent some time going through and printing pics of the flowers and bouquet styles she likes and I got ideas about table centerpieces and such. So, now I have an idea about budget and we can talk to Alexsflowers with some basic knowledge!

Next is the pastry goodies. We will be meeting with the pastry lady to sample her wares and select what we want for our Belgian Pastry table.

At some point we will sit and look at the sample invitations I ordered and select that and look at the favors I ordered as well and hopefully select that too. I already went to the post office to find out how much the postage would be on the different invitations I have.

And last but not least, Specs and CB will be buying their rings.

So, like I said, by the time their first week in the ‘Burgh ends, we will have the wedding planning all but done.  YAY!!!!

Wedding Countdown    15 months from tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Wedding update”

  1. March 1, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    You put me in AWE. I almost had a nervous break down by the end of my wedding planning, and I actually had a small, pretty simple, wedding. AND… my mom did a lot of it. And I still almost had a breakdown. I’m SO not a party planner.

  2. March 2, 2009 at 3:42 am

    My “lose 60 pounds by May” diet…erm I mean lifestyle change began yesterday.

  3. March 2, 2009 at 1:00 pm


    I’m looking forward to following along with the planning. You’re so on top of things, with your 15 months to plan. I think I had 5 months to plan mine.

  4. March 6, 2009 at 11:48 am

    I am SOOOO super excited!!! Can’t wait for more updates and pictures!

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