Let’s Try This Again…blogging, I mean

I’ve been gone for almost 5 years! I couldn’t believe it…

What brings me back? Well, I met a lovely young lady on a recent 18 hour day visit to Uluru, NT, Australia and she had a blog. I visited her blog, read some entries, made a comment and thought how I enjoyed ‘venting’ when I did write the ‘Deli’.

Lo and behold, my bus buddy, Riding Storms, came over to visit my oooooold blog and that got me to come back and take a peek again. Well, dayum…I liked my writing!

So much has happened in 5 years, and I predict much more will happen in this life, so, I decided to give this another shot.

Expressing oneself is cathartic and heaven knows, we can all use a shot of self-applied ‘warm fuzzy’ from to to time.

So, welcome back to me as I relearn how to use this site. I will endeavor to inform and entertain….and please do comment!


Wedding Pics

Here are a few for your edification. I actually did not take 1 picture myself…NOT ONE! So These are coming in from others who were there and did take pics! And, we already got the unretouched pics from the photographer…thank you BELLA.

Enjoy, more when we get back from Belgium which is part 2 of the wedding. We leave on Tuesday…..


This is it! Wedding Day for Specs and CB!

Just the sweetest wedding song evah from 33 years ago!!!  Love you Specs and welcome to our family, CB!



Retirement Day is Here!!!

Please indulge me for my predictability dear readers…but  SCHOOL IS OUT FOREVER!!!!


Breaking up, is soooo very hard to do……

I absolutely never thought I would have this reaction…

I retire 13 days from today and I am becoming more and more emotional about it.

The last day of the semester was yesterday—Friday—and my students cried…I mean as I hugged each of them and their cooperating teachers, each of them gave me long tight hugs and cried. They said how much they would miss me, how important I was to them and to the Deaf Ed program, and they promised to keep in touch with me on Facebook…

And they cried…and so did I.

I cried as I drove up to IUP for a meeting with the person who will hopefully be voted in as my replacement…

I cried as I closed my door to my office to continue throwing ‘things’ out; I sat in my office chair and looked at the walls (not bare yet) and cried…I could NOT leave the office.

I’m sitting here crying RIGHT NOW as I write this…cause who would have ever thought how hard this would really be?!

Retiring is the right decision; I am ready…but, my heart is heavy right now.

Tomorrow is Commencement…which is actually defined as “the act or time of commencing; beginning; start.” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition—Yes, I am a dork, I still use THE BOOK!)

I am going to have one long last cry tomorrow…I already know that and simply can’t and won’t fight it…but, it is also my signal for a NEW BEGINNING…one of my favorite songs is “Closing Time” and the line that every ending is a new beginning……

Oh, and let us not forget that it is now 3 weeks til Specs and CB tie the knot!  Another new beginning  🙂


Where oh where has my little dog gone…oh where oh where can she be…

Not that I’m particularly doggy like or like it doggy like, but I am indeed referring to me…I haven’t even had the harumph to keep locating songs on YouTube dedicated to Specs and CB’s upcoming nuptuals or my retirement….so you KNOW how beat I am….

Our block classes are now over so I can dedicate my time to supervising my 29 practicum students….yep…29 of my angels are out there. One extremely positive thing, they are ALL doing well!  WAHOO…what a pleasure for me to walk into a classroom and watch poetry in motion. It is so much fun for me to watch these ‘kids’ applying everything we talked about in class. I just love being validated!

As for the retirement ‘thang’…we are down to  36 days🙂


I have already started cleaning out my office and various working spaces.  It is almost embarrassing how many books I have and HAVE READ over the last 36 years. I easily have over $10,000 worth of reading materials…eaily and I read most of it…damn, I guess I am a tad knowledgeable about a few things!

I put 90% of these materials into boxes and am giving them away to our alumni who are returning to IUP this Saturday for a 30 year Reunion. I will post on that later. But, I could not fathom just tossing these precious materials without giving everyone a chance at taking whatever their heart’s desire.  Should be YouTube good…like BookZILLA or something—heehee.  Whatever they don’t take I am giving away to ANY STUDENT in Davis Hall who wants it.

My office will be clean and ready for the next occupant on May 21.  And that, too, will be another story.

45 days for Specs and CB…holy crap Batman, those 17 months sure flew by!


Thoughts on weddings

Or perhaps I should say, thoughts on wedding protocols.  Culture really does make such a difference when it comes to protocol.  I wonder if that is the same when it comes to RSVP ing an invitation?

There is always a deadline, of course, when you send out the invitation, but I often wonder what is the motivation for people waiting to respond until the very last second.  To me, you either know you are going to go and make your arrangements (travel, child care, whatever) and then RSVP and be done OR you know you AREN’T going and you RSVP and be done.  I just don’t get the wishy-washy wait for the last second thing.

I REALLY don’t get and don’t appreciate those who “just forget” or fail to respond at all. It is just plain rude and I don’t give a rat’s tail what your culture is!

With that being said, I do want to thank the ENTIRE Belgian contingency who has already RSVPd and made all necessary travel arrangements and lodging arrangements and even hair and nail arrangements!

So, I guess I am thinking about the Americans who received invitations.  Mostly family, mind you, and some friends…our deadline is still several weeks away, but I can already guarantee you that I will be on the phone the last week of April making calls. How sickening is that?   Bless Spec’s bridesmaids…they all offered to do this for me, and I might just let them because given how I feel about the whole, not responding thing, I’d likely permanently antagonize a relative or lose a friend.

Have you had this lovely experience? Invite people to a rather large and expensive party and then grovel to find out if they are coming to share their ‘specialness’ with you?  How’d you deal with it? (tasers are acceptable to me ;P )

Better yet, if you are one of THOSE that I was talking about in this entry, might you kindly enlighten me as to your motivation for your behavior? WHOOOOOOO are you?  Who–ooo are you? I really wanna know!

Nine weeks to go…..which makes retirement 8 weeks to go…..

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